Frequently Asked Questios

Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

General FAQ's

Wedoography is a lean operation. We don’t have a secretary, too many admin people, or excessive overhead, leading to bloated video pricing. We prefer to keep things streamlined and pass those savings on to our clients.

Not really. We like to think we offer “everyday low pricing” but you can always try. Hey, business is about “win-win” relationships so, if you have something to offer in exchange for a discount (e.g. you will mention “Wedoography” in an article that will be seen by thousands of people in a specific industry, you’re an influencer with a large following and you’ll talk about us etc.), we’re all ears!

Yes, we do offer a 5% discount if you pay the full fee upfront vs. our standard option, which is 50% upfront, 50% upon completion. (Minimum Order Value: $2000 USD)

Basic (Simple Illustrations), Silver (Modern Illustrations), Gold (Advance Illustrations) & Platinum (Complex Illustrations)

Absolutely! Once you fill out the questionnaire with relevant information about your product/service, our professional script writer will work on that information and deliver a script for your approval.

Once we finalize the video duration & style (package). We will send you a quote via email along with a payment link. We accept Visa, Mastercard & local bank transfer (USA).

We can make videos in any language of your choice.

 Once we’re set to start the production process, it takes usually 7 to 14 working days catering to a normal deadline. If you have a limited time-space, we can manage your video making within 5 working days. Complex projects may take up to 4 weeks or even more.

We offer unlimited revisions on every step of the animated video production process; however, if you change your mind about some particular stage of the video production process after it’s been approved by you, this most likely will result in extra charges.

Example: We completed a voiceover recording and you need to change the script (after it’s been approved by you as final). Now we need to create a new voiceover recording, which will require additional payment.

Platinum Package Example: Any change in character design, script, voiceover, change in storyboard, script will cost you extra amount for the changes.

Yes of course! We offer unlimited revision policy! at no extra cost. We will keep revising the video until you’re happy. However, please make sure to provide us, in advance, with all the specific requirements you might have.
Yes, we do give multi-buy discounts. The size of the discount is dependent on the total number of minutes and video style being ordered.
Yes! We’ve completed thousands of videos across all different industries and chances are we already have experience with what you are looking for.
Firstly, you need to contact us for a brief discussion about your business or service. If you already have your script, you can attach it while sending your message. Also send us your logo and website address if available. We will inform you via call or email if we need anything else.
Sure! Check out our contact us page ask your questions, and get prompt answers from us.
You can use the explainer video anywhere you want! YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. Except Tv Commercials for that you need to inform us and get full broadcast rights (Extra Cost).
We sure do! We can add subtitles of your choice of language over the animations for an additional cost.
You’ve paid for it, and you own it. It is up to you whether you want to publish the video or sell it for a profit. But if you require TV Broadcast Rights, you’ll need to purchase another license.
Yes, we can add your logo in the videos (No Charge)
Yes, our creative team can also make a logo for your video project for an extra cost ($) and we will give you 100% rights of the logo along with the video.
Share them via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or any other cloud service you have available. If none of these works for you, reach out so we can see other alternatives.
We offer contracts to businesses that want to create video content on monthly & 3 months contract basis and dominate their market. Contact us to for more information regarding our monthly packages.
Yes, we do. It falls under monthly package block. Visit our contact page for more info.

Animation FAQ's​

Yes! We can make custom characters are unique and are only used once for your project. Contact Us for more info!

Yes! we do many different styles (Infographic etc). Contact us for more info!

The Ideal length for an animated explainer video is 60 seconds – 90 seconds. However the length depends on the purpose of the video. For example, a video that introduces an idea, business or service should take 90+ seconds to 120 seconds while a training video should be around 120 seconds and above.

By default, we send the final file to you in .mp4 but we can send you the files in almost any format you need- .mov, .swf, .wmv, .avi etc. On the flip side, we render HQ final media files 720P, 1080P, 4K etc.
Yes! But we need to have a look at the vector files and then decide. You can forward the files to us via email.

Live Action FAQ's​

We use stock photos and videos relevant to your niche/business that are already taken, edited, and ready to be used.

The photographer/ videographer or author of a stock photo/footage makes it available for licensing, meaning Wedoography pay’s a fee to secure rights to use it in your video project legally.

No, we use licensed stock footage & photos from our massive stock library.

Yes, we can. You need to share the footages with us so we can confirm upon seeing the clips.
No, we only deliver the final version of the commercial that we produce.
It is due to the nature of the category itself. Hence, it is not something we can edit on the workstation. We have to get it fixed by sending it for second take; (It’s live action) not stock footage.
Live action is when real time filming takes place at the venue and stock footage ad is when our editors mix-up relevant footages/shots from our library to make an ad for your business.
Multi-Camera angles, Colour Correction, Grading, Animated Text, Motion Graphics, Green Screen, among many others.
Yes. We can provide stock footage from our stock library and subscription services.
Yes, it also depends on the client requirements & product/service of the client he/she deals in. We have a network of significant number of actors who work with us.
Yes, we take projects based on professional product photography for ecommerce stores, web design and development & so on. (All the files come with source files & 100% ownership rights).
Contact us to get the complete address for shipping the product.
We DON’T do Testimonials/Adult/Sex/Dating/Political/Illicit Drugs/Religious/Get Rich
Our actors won’t be able to eat/consume anything. It depends on the product itself; we do NOT take projects of all kinds which fall under “Unboxing & Spokesperson” category.
No free revisions unless we make a mistake. Please provide unusual pronunciation before film takes place. This includes acronyms and names. Otherwise, we will pronounce them the best way we can. We will only re-shoot if we mess up the script.
Unboxing video projects may take up to 2 – 4 weeks after we receive the product at the given address.
Yes, but you’ll need to bear the shipping cost and pay $ in advance (depends on the weight & size) of the product.
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